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A regulated framework to embed meta-cognition, well-being and skills in your classroom.

Performance Learning is an OFQUAL regulated qualification and framework to teach wellbeing and metacognition skills.

Used worldwide by schools, parents and teachers to boost learner performance and wellbeing.

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Here is what you get with our courses

Safeguarding the emotional wellbeing of your learners

Upskilling learners with core subject knowledge

And teaching them how to apply these skills

What they don’t teach you in traditional teacher training.

Covering everything traditional teacher training didn’t, combining both our coaching and AI-driven assessment and interventions platform, this framework and OFQUAL regulated qualification empowers you with the technology and skill needed to boost classroom performance while placing your learner’s mental health and wellbeing at the centre of their educational journey.

Teaching your students what to learn as well as how to learn

How to predict, prevent and manage mental health challenges

Developing a skill set based approach to teaching and learning

The skills to organise, structure, retain, recall, understand and analyse work

Effective behaviour management strategies that empower upskill and transform lives

How to predict, prevent and manage mental health challenges

An Introduction to 
MY Performance Learning 

Developed over 10 years and used by thousands of teachers across the world, this regulated qualification covers everything a committed teacher needs to enhance wellbeing and boost performance within their classroom.
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Discover our 5 qualification levels

A CPD teaching qualification with the tools, training, guidance and technology to deliver regulated metacognition training to your students.

Trusted by over 6,000 teachers for
CPD and career progression

PLOA is an accurate and insightful assessment tool.

Deputy Head Master of Harrow, Mr Alastair Chirnside
PLOA data has provided clear identification of personal and contextual learner issues that can negatively affect retention.

Burton and South Derbyshire College

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