About Us

Used by thousands of learners and teachers across the world, Performance Learning is one of the world’s smartest, most intuitive learning platforms. 

With assessments, interventions and up-skilling all under one roof – Performance Learning is all that’s needed to enable the intellectual and emotional development of a user across their whole educational journey. Giving teachers, schools and colleges the tools they need to diminish differences and boost outcomes.

Safeguarding and upskilling

Both the Performance Learning tech and OFQUAL regulated teacher training was designed to nurture mental health and wellbeing while providing a more intelligent, personalised take on traditional skills training.
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Benefits of our training programs

It’s currently used by some of the most prestigious learning institutions to help them:

Assess perceptions, behaviours and abilities

And build high performing skills, behaviours and cultures 

Identify roadblocks and obstacles to learning

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Our customers include:

  • Parents
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools 
  • Further Educational Colleges

While recent activities have seen us apply our technology within the Higher Education Sector, Corporate Sector and Rehabilitation space.

International recognition

Developed over the course of 10 years, with the partnership of multiple universities and educational organisations, Performance Learning has gained recognition and has been featured in everything from Forbes Online to the Financial Times. 

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