Understanding the PL data

Unit 1: Implementation of Performance Learning Diagnostic Tool and Interpretation of Data

Learn how to collect and analyse data for classroom interventions in just four weeks

Used worldwide by schools, parents and teachers to boost learner performance and wellbeing.

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Introduction to Unit 1

In Unit 1 we cover how you can organise, interpret and make the best use of the data provided after a learner completes one of our skills assessments. 
Unit 1

Learning Outcomes

Consisting of just 20 GLH, upon completion, you will be able to:

Organise and effectively use the Performance Learning Diagnostic tool.

Fully understand the data within a Performance Learning Assessment.

Unit Aims

To complete Unit 1, you will need to:

Demonstrate your ability to use and maximise all the data within the platform.

Explain critical areas of data collected and what they help do.

Interpret data, such as Performance Learning scores, to inform effective interventions.

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PLOA is an accurate and insightful assessment tool.

Deputy Head Master of Harrow, Mr Alastair Chirnside
The PLOA Assessments have, in some instances, provided invaluable information which may otherwise have been missed.
Progress Coach, Burton and South Derbyshire College

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