Understanding & enhancing mental health & wellbeing

Unit 3: The Performance Learning Mental Health and Wellbeing Curriculum

Learn how to enhance the mental health and wellbeing in your classroom in just four weeks

Used worldwide by schools, parents and teachers to boost learner performance and wellbeing.

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Mental health in the classroom

Mental health and wellbeing are important topics within education at the moment, and it makes sense that the calmer, more focused and willing to work a learner is                - the better their performance both in the classroom and  exam hall.
Whether it’s stress and anxiety, struggles with confidence, difficulties at home or anything in between, this unit was designed to help you measure and enhance a learners' wellbeing and current state of mind through Mental Health and Wellbeing Curriculum.

Introduction to Unit 3

In Unit 3 we focus on understanding how wellbeing can impact a learner and how our data can help you design future mental health and     wellbeing interventions. 
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Learning Outcomes

Consisting of just 20 GLH, upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand how a learner’s physiology, psychology and emotions shape their learning.

  • Show how a learner’s perception and skill level influence their ‘academic’ mental health.

  • Design targeted intervention plans to
    deliver the Mental Health and Well-being Curriculum.

  • Confidently engage a learner and encourage them to complete all lessons.

  • Document progress through the Mental Health and Well-being Curriculum.

  • Engage stakeholders such as other teaching staff and parents with the wellbeing focused intervention plan.

Unit aims

To complete Unit 3, you will need to:

Understand the differences and explain how learners’ physiology, psychology and emotions affect their learning.

Demonstrate their knowledge perceptions and skills and how these influence a learner’s academic mental health

Design and implement intervention plans while sharing how you will overcome resistance from stakeholders.

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